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On this page, you will find manuals and FAQs for the ISO 20022 Test Platform.

Manuals / sample files


  1. On the login mask, select the menu "Registration".
  2. Complete at least all mandatory fields.
    Mandatory fields are fields without the addition (optional).
  3. Click on "Register".
  4. Follow the instructions in the confirmation mail which is sent to you by Credit Suisse after your registration.
You can configure which kind of camt messages you wish to receive in response to your uploaded pain.001 and pain.008 files.

  1. Select the menu "Settings" > "Format of result files".
  2. Select a channel.
    The channels offer different options.
  3. Select the required camt messages.
  4. Save your settings.
The IBAN is used to check the files you have submitted. The IBAN must not be a real IBAN; it must however, be syntactically correct, i.e. it must contain a valid check digit.

Specifying an IBAN during registration is optional. When you create your user account, a test bank account with the IBAN CH37 0483 5833 7400 3100 0 is automatically created for you. After registration, you can add and delete any number of accounts for testing. If you use the IBAN suggested by Credit Suisse, be advised to use the same IBAN in your test files.

More information on the IBAN at Credit Suisse can be found under
Before you can upload a payment file, the following conditions must be met:
  • The payment file was saved in structured form, i.e it contains line breaks. Line breaks make it easier to find the position of possible errors by means of the line number in the test report.
  • The ordering party account used in the payment file exists on the test platform.

Uploading a payment file:
  1. Click on Select file.
  2. Select the payment file.
  3. From the dropdown list, select the type of the payment file.
  4. Click on Upload file.

The response messages are generated.
  1. Select the menu "Payment files".
  2. In the mask area "Uploaded payment files", click on the link "Download" next to the payment file.
  3. Open the ZIP archive.

You can now view all response messages.
You must initialise your sFTP and FTPS access in the web application of the ISO 20022 Test Platform, set up your access information for the FTP server in your FTP client and configure the client.

The connection to the FTP server is established via a key pair in the format OpenSSH if you use sFTP and via a password of your choice if you use FTPS.

Detailed instructions and further information on testing with sFTP and FTPS can be found in the user manual.
You must set up the access information for the ISO 20022 Test Platform in your EBICS client and then activate the user on the EBICS server.

Furthermore, you create the following order types, which are only available for the test platform:
  1. XTC: for submitting a CSV file
  2. XTD: for downloading a message file

If you are using EBICS 3.0, you must use BTF parameters (Service Name, Message Name, Scope, Service Option, Container and Version) instead of the order type. Further information on testing with EBICS can be found in the user manual.
The time it takes to process files with only a small number of payment records (transactions) is shorter than the time necessary to update the table after the upload. This is why the final processing status is immediately displayed. The processing of files with a large number of payment records may take a while. As the file list is not automatically updated, you have to manually refresh the page to have the changed processing status displayed. Use the “Refresh data” button below the list. Or use the reload button of your browser or the corresponding keyboard shortcut (in general F5).
This may be due to the following two reasons:
  1. To synchronize the line and column numbers it is important to open the XML file using a tool which displays the file in an unchanged way. This is the case if text editors or most of the XML editors are used. However, on many systems it is Internet Explorer which is used as the standard program for opening XML files. To facilitate the readability of XML files, Internet Explorer also displays line breaks and indents which are not part of the file. As a consequence, the line and column information cannot be used in this program. We recommend using a text editor or a special XML editor to open the file (e.g. Notepad++).
  2. The position information does not reference the element which the reported error refers to. If you use a debit account in a credit transfer, which has not been configured in the account list, the test platform reports the error „Unknown account“, AC01 (IncorrectAccountNumber). This message is issued for the element /Document/CstmrCdtTrfInitn/PmtInf[n]/DbtrAcct and it is this element's line and column which is referred to under file position. Depending on the display type, the real unknown IBAN may be displayed some columns or lines further down.
To find more information about the ISO 20022 harmonization process and about Credit Suisse payments formats, visit
We provide this opportunity to all software manufacturers whose products create and/or read Swiss payment transaction files.

On the one hand, you can let us know in which month of which year your software is able to create or read specific files and we will then place this scheduled date on the list. On the other hand, your software may already be able to create or read specific files, in which case you then have to run through specific tests with the ISO 20022 Test Platform for the respective check marks on the list. This is the only way we can prevent payment transactions being processed incorrectly for our joint clients. To do this, please proceed as follows:

For pain.001 and pain.008: use your software to create test files for the individual payment types.

If your software does not process pain.002, then you only need to run through the files without errors (positive cases). Otherwise, you can also run through the files with errors (negative cases).

If all of your pain schema tests were successful, then please run through each test again and inform of which user name you have completed a series of tests with and for which issuer (SIX, EPC and/or CGI). If necessary, you can also indicate that your software does not cover specific payments types or that your software does not allow certain negative cases.

For the various camt.05x schema tests, you can adapt the test files provided on the ISO 20022 Test Platform. Once your tests have been completed successfully, inform about which files your software is able to process.

In each case, please also let us know what legacy formats your software is still able to process. You will then receive a final print version prior to publication.
  1. On the web browser menu, click on the "Tools" icon and select "Internet Options".
  2. On the "Security" tab, click on the "Custom level..." button.
  3. When the "Security Settings - Internet Zone" dialog window opens, look for the "Scripting" section and select "Enable" in the "Active Scripting" item. Confirm with "OK".
  4. When the warning window pops up, confirm with "Yes".
  5. In the "Internet Options" window, click on the "OK" button to close it.
  1. On the web browser menu, click on the symbol "Customize and control Google Chrome" and select "Settings".
  2. Select the link "Show advanced settings...".
  3. Under "Privacy", click on "Content settings...".
  4. When the dialog window opens, look for the "JavaScript" section and select "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)" and click on "OK".
  1. In the address bar, type about:config and press Enter.
  2. Confirm if a warning message appears.
  3. In the search box, search for javascript.enabled.
  4. Toggle the "javascript.enabled" preference to change the value from "false" to "true".
  1. On the web browser menu, click on "Edit" and select "Preferences".
  2. In the "Preferences" window, select the "Security" tab.
  3. In the tab section "Web content", activate the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox.
Contrary to other Internet Explorer versions, the button to upload files must be activated using the space key. You must therefore use the space key on the screen “Payment files” to activate the “Select file” button. If you use the Enter key instead, the file cannot be uploaded correctly.
To be able to operate the application using the keyboard, you have to change a setting in Safari. Open Safari > Preferences > Advanced. Activate the option “Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage”.